We are now about to harvest in ground that was tilled by Gadamer and Polanyi, where the rock-breaking was done by Heisenberg and Einstein, the ripping done by  Capra and Kuhn, where the watering and nutrition is being done by the zeitgheist that sweeps us all. And one of the first flowers to bloom is a conversation about “Design Thinking”. But the conversation has no roots, so we get into absurdities such as the suggestion that if we attend to “design thinking” we may as well attend to “popcorn vendor thinking”. And even around the best intentioned commentators, there is a swirling mass of attributes people wish to associate with or claim as the core of “Design Thinking.

At the risk of switching metaphors mid-course, this blog aims to provide a seed crystal in that stormy fluid, by proposing that basic heuristic for the core acts of generative knowledge. I describe a model for the core epistemic act of coming to know, and the two major archetypal derivatives – the generative acts of Scientific Thinking and Design Thinking.


And then I let heuristics do what they do best – let me see what I don’t know that I know….


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